On-Demand Training
“Empower Children with TRUE Readiness”
Denita Dinger with Listen to the Children
This training will only be available until Midnight on June 23rd

In this eye-opening and IMPORTANT presentation, participants will clearly see the errors in the current “Kindergarten Readiness” mindset. The skills that hold the most value for children are not the skills most kindergarten assessment tools measure. Sadly, in the rush to force children to gain the skills erroneously needed to “check the boxes”, adults remove authentic opportunities that truly get bodies and brains “ready”. This training has it all: the personal stories, the erroneous expectations, the data, the inspiring advocacy and most importantly: WHAT WE CAN DO!! Along with the descriptions of “TRUE readiness” are tips as to what adults need to STOP doing in order for those vital skills to develop. All will leave empowered to stand up and be the voice children need them to be and be able to articulate to parents and others on what true readiness is.
1 STAR hour CC: Professional Development and Leadership