On-Demand Training
LET GO and Empower Children!

Denita Dinger with Listen to the Children
This training will only be available until Midnight on June 23rd

Well-intentioned adults do the work that should belong to children. Whether overly scheduling their time, directly instructing them to do this or that, organizing their play for them, making choices for them, solving problems for them. Each of these things alone may not be harmful, but over-all, doing too much for children takes away opportunities for them to develop valuable life skills like perseverance, independent thinking and intrinsic motivation. It also harms their self-confidence and belief in their own abilities. Participants will leave this course ready to thoughtfully analyze the necessity of everything they do for children, and will…over time, let go of one after another and another. The results will be empowered children.
1 STAR hour CC: