EWFCCA 'Reach for the STARs' Virtual Conference 2021
“Nurturing Confident, Compassionate & Creative Kids" - Heather Shumaker
Saturday March 13th, 2021 7:45 AM - 3:20 PM (6 STARs Hours)


Heather is a nationally known speaker who frequently keynotes and teaches workshops. She speaks at early childhood conferences around the U.S. and Canada, as well as schools, libraries and writing conferences. She loves to share her joy of books and children with audiences everywhere. We would love for you to join us via Zoom from the comfort of your home as Heather Shumaker presents LIVE via ZOOM: “Nurturing Confident, Compassionate & Creative Kids!”

The 6 hour event (with breaks) includes:
- “Why It’s OK (and even Good) for Kids not to Share” (1.5 hours Child Growth & Development)
This introduction to the counterintuitive world of “renegade parenting” examines what young children really need and how we can best respect those needs. Includes sharing, saying ‘sorry’, free play, big body movement, and other areas where adult expectations don’t match what children need to do.

- “Wild Emotions” (1.5 hours Interactions)
What to do with all those BIG feelings? Gain a host of practical tools to help kids accept and express their big feelings appropriately, with a focus on difficult emotions like anger and sadness. Premise: All feelings are OK; all behavior isn’t.

- “Power and Action” (1.5 hours Program Planning & Development)
Explores the many benefits of rough-and-tumble play and other positive ways for children to channel physical energy and get their needs met for risk, power, and friendship.

- “What’s on your Walls?“ (1.5 hrs Curriculum & Learning Environment )
In this session, we tackle “the big three” and examine why classroom staples like behavior charts, calendars, and weather charts don’t give children the skills and direct experiences they need. Look at the ingredients that truly make a play-based program, and see how participants can enhance play with an action plan for their programs.