On-Demand Training
“The Missed Needs in “Miss” Behavior: Relationships, Expectations and Sensory Needs”
Denita Dinger from Listen to the Children
This training will only be available until Midnight on June 23rd

At the core of empowering children is the absolute necessity of meeting the unique needs each child has. In order to be empowered, a child must be capable of being their best self. One cannot be their best self when their needs are not met. This one-hour session will address the vital importance of relationships and sensory needs as they pertain to the behaviors of children. Participants will leave with an action plan, including tools to help them put into practice the concepts discussed in this training. Participants will gain a solid foundation about sensory differences and sensory processing disorder and their effect on behavior. Participants will gain an understanding of just how vital their relationships with the children and parents are when helping children be their best selves.
1 STAR hour CC: Interactions